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Brief history

The restaurant Masia el Casot is a typical Catalan farmhouse whose origins date back to 1780, dedicated to cultivating the land and caring for animals for own consumption. In the sixties it was restored and turned into a house where, in addition to making the famous Montserrat curd, meals were also made for anyone who approached.




"Little by little it evolved into what it is today, a Catalan food restaurant, where people receive a family and pleasant treatment and can taste a quality cuisine that uses the typical products of the area, very well cooked and in abundant quantity. "



The farmhouse is in a privileged setting, located on one side of the mountain of Montserrat and surrounded by forests. It offers a spectacular view of the mountain.

The kitchen

The cuisine of the Masia del Casot Restaurant is typical Catalan cuisine, made with local products, simple and of good quality. Highlights include the escudella and pot meat, Grandma Elena's cannelloni made in the most traditional way, chickpeas masked with black sausage and dried beans with bacon. Special mention should be made of the grilled meats cooked on an outdoor barbecue with oak firewood that Grandpa Manel takes special care of.

But maybe our specialty is "calçotada". At Masia del Casot we have been successfully offering this traditional meal for many years and it is an excellent opportunity to live a little more than a meal: an experience where a group of friends or family can have an excellent day, because eating calçots is more than just tasting them, it's a party, and it's a joy.

Finally, for dessert, don't miss the famous Montserrat curd made in the town of Marganell itself: Among the other desserts, the traditional Catalan cream with the Masia's own recipe and the typical music stand out.

And when you have tasted good food, it is best to take a good walk through the beautiful landscapes.


We look forward to your visit and good profit.

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